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Casa Maleno is built on the site where some of Akumal's first residents lived
in the early days of the town. One of the more colorful locals - "MALENO" as
he was called, lived near this very site and this house was named in honor of
his memory. You will notice the monument located on the property, which was
placed there after his death by local residents. Maleno was a Mayan Shaman,
among other things, who was called upon to mix his potions for those who were
ill or needing spiritual healing. He traveled the area with a  machete strapped
to his side and with his constant companion - a monkey. He was also a
musician, dancer and teller of tales. He could scale a palm tree as well as his
companion,and his "job" in Akumal was to go around each evening lighting the
kerosene lanterns that provided light for the village before electricity made
it's way to the area. He is fondly remembered by many of our local residents
and all who knew him have their own favorite stories to tell.
If you have visited other homes in Akumal, you will notice right away that
Casa Maleno has  many differences. It was designed and constructed not for
the purpose of a rental property, but as a second home for the owners. It is
furnished accordingly, with truly all of the conveniences to make you feel at
home. This site will take you through the home, room by room, in order to
acquaint you with its amenities.
Thank you for visiting our home,
Pat & Cheryl Ragan
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